Why Short-Term Rental Advocacy Matters

The popularity of short-term rentals as a travel accommodation has grown enormously in the last few years. With that growth policymakers across the country have struggled to address some of the challenges that short-term can present to local communities. Unfortunately, many of them are working without much background or information, and in many cases, a great deal of misinformation. As a short-term rental owner, operator, or host, you have subject matter expertise that is valuable to local policymakers. As local policymakers address short-term rental rules and regulations, it is essential that you and your fellow owners, operators, and hosts become a part of that conversation.

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Advocate for Fair and Reasonable Short-Term Rental Regulations: A Simple Guide

As short-term rentals grow in popularity, providers of short-term rentals need to be at the center of any conversation about regulation. The goal of this guide is provide you, as an owner, operator, or host with a simple guide that helps walk you through the process of advocating for smart short-term rental regulations with local policymakers. Working with your fellow providers and other local stakeholders, you can build an effective organization and advocate for fair and reasonable regulations in your community.