Public Statements Archive

New York Short-term Rental Bill Anti-technology, Disregards Needs of Residents and Travelers

June 17, 2016

American Hotel & Lodging Disinformation Campaign Continues in Boston

June 16, 2016

Short-term rental bill incomplete, Denver must recognize both primary and secondary residences

June 15, 2016

Travel Technology Association Urges Denver City Council to Adopt More Inclusive Short-Term Rental Regulations

June 13, 2016

American Hotel & Lodging Association Continues to Manipulate Data in Short-term Rental Smear Campaign

May 25, 2016

AH&LA’s Short-term Rental Disinformation Campaign Rolls Into the Windy City

May 10, 2016

Arizona Leading the Way in Fostering Innovation in the Sharing Economy

May 6, 2016

The Travel Technology Association Applauds Hawaii Lawmakers for Recognizing Value of Short-term Rentals, Passing Reasonable Legislation

May 3, 2016

San Francisco Draft Short-term Rental Agreement No Quick Fix, Technology Platforms Have No Role in Enforcing Local Regulations

April 26, 2016

Los Angeles Planning Department’s Short-term Rental Proposal is Anti-homeowner, Anti-traveler and Anti-innovation

April 18, 2016