New Orleans City Planning Commission Drops the Ball on Short-term Rental Policy

New Orleans | The Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech), the trade association representing online travel innovators, including the short-term rental platforms, issued the following statement in response to the New Orleans City Planning Commission’s vote today:

“We are disappointed to see the New Orleans City Planning Commission once again recommend policies that discriminate against traditional vacation rentals.  Vacation rentals are significant drivers of economic activity and valuable tools in revitalizing local neighborhoods,” said Matt Kiessling, who heads Travel Tech’s short-term rental policy.

People purchase second homes for a variety of reasons and often are able to do so because of the income they can earn through renting them out for portions of the year.  Whether the owners plan to retire in New Orleans or presently only spend certain seasons there, offering their home as a short-term rental can help ensure that it does not sit vacant for long periods of time. Furthermore, as the demand for short-term rentals continues to increase, vacation rentals play a vital role in meeting that demand.  A flourishing peer-to-peer economy is critical in fostering a 21st century tourist destination.

“The best way to ensure the city has effective oversight of the short-term rental market is to create a path to compliance for all types of short-term rentals, regardless of their use or occupancy,” Kiessling continued.  “Regulations that treat all homes equally make the city’s job easier, secure more tax revenue, and help meet the growing demands of travelers.”