Short Term Rental Advocacy Group Launches in Charlottesville

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The Virginia Short Term Lodging Association was designed to protect the rights of short term rental property owners.

The group will serve as a resource for questions and concerns of short term rental owners, something especially needed as city’s across the country try to figure out how to regulate the industry.

A national expert on the topic says the new advocacy group will really help Charlottesville as the city continues to take advantage of a booming industry.

“I think people understand the importance of short term rentals,” said Matt Kiessling, Director of Coalitions and Grassroots for The Travel Technology Association. “The huge economic impact that short term rentals bring to the area, and they understand that it’s really a travel option. There are all these other pieces that go along with it but at the end of the day, it’s really about options for travelers and attracting travelers, tourists to your area.”

Members say launching the Virginia Short Term Lodging Association will let the community know that there is an organization to help them through the short term rental process as city’s and county’s work to define regulation and policies.


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