Spotlight on Clark County, NV: An Opportunity to Learn More

We’re keeping our eyes on the Las Vegas area, where the Sun reports the county commission has announced a review of vacation home rental ordinances. Short-term rentals are currently outlawed in unincorporated areas of Clark County, but this is a huge opportunity for the community to gain a better understanding of the quickly growing marketplace and how smart, common sense regulations make sense for everyone.

County commissioners advised their staff to research ordinances in Las Vegas and Henderson, where rentals are allowed but must be licensed, and to report back in two months with suggestions for a county ordinance.

One commissioner, Chris Giunchigliani, announced his concerns about legalizing and regulating the market: “You may with good intentions be able to try to regulate it, but the devil is always in the details and who’s going to enforce it.”

Regulating the short-term rental market can be challenging, but going about it in the wrong way often has negative effects on renters and operators. Striking the right balance is possible.

Short-term rentals provide a valuable service and offer a broad range of options for travelers, extra income for local residents and increased tourist revenue in local communities. We believe regulations should be easy for operators to locate, understand and comply with.

The Sun’s article also quotes John Palmer, who operates a vacation rental marketing company called Las Vegas Retreats. According to the Sun, Palmer said, “There is a vast difference between the vacation rental business and the party home business. The typical customers are families with children. They want the security and the privacy that’s afforded by vacation rental homes. They don’t want to share the swimming pool with hundreds of other people.”

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